Small talk, big connections by Sam Bradford

Bradford opened his talk by recalling himself at the age of 30, He quit his full-time job to work part-time at a coffee company named Dutch froze, He said he chose the life of working in the coffee shop was the ever sane thing he has done. where he learned the influential power of small talk. Bradford describes how authentic dialogue deserves a place in business, and that conversation between strangers can lead an infinite number of possibilities.

He said that the world is something which is cold and closed off to each other that seems to find more disagree than to connect. He considered himself lucky and proud to join in the company of Dutch bros because in his world they focus on a connection. They see the connection as the key to business. They build relationships with each other and also with their customers. He said there are many ways in which they do this as a business. He gave the example that is window position. The main role of the window position is to acknowledge the customer right in front of them. He said they definitely wanted to make sure that they hand out the proper drink, proper payment and they fill the customer's loyalty card. He said all these things are secondary to making other people feel seen and heard. He said he can vividly remember the day when he was taking orders in the drive-through line when a woman pulled up and she looked like she was having a difficult time. He asked her Is everything okay? She replied saying I am a loan officer at a bank and my job is frustrating. In order to connect with her, he asked her the question If you could anything for work what it would be? The woman without blinking replied she wanted to become a marine biologist. After listening to this he was so amazed and shocked because she had something so ready and specific on the tip of her tongue. He asked her What's holding you back? She replied School. He said he remembers the passion the way he responded to her which was GO. He began to tell her that he barely graduated high school and never dreamed of going to college but that a couple of years ago he felt really stuck and he has been signed up for the college courses and he had been taking two classes a semester. He said yes, it's hard but it's worth it. He said all of this happened in a moment but in that minute they came alive and they dreamed about the possibilities of what could be. He said that moment will live him ever and he continued saying he never saw her again but he hopes that she took the step necessary to sign up for school and get her degree. He said he would never have had this big moment of connection If he were not willing to engage in small talk.

He asked the viewers is to slow down little bit and see the people in front of you whether it be at your local coffee shop, the grocery store or walking down the street all of these people have hopes and dreams stresses and things that move them with compassion. He said we can tap into these things when we open ourselves up to Hi, How was your day? and by caring and actually acknowledging the person in front of you and showing them genuine kindness. He said when we give people time to explain we might be surprised as to their response asking a woman who looks distressed how are you today really could reveal that her mother was just diagnosed with cancer knowing this allows us to acknowledge her struggle and respond with Can I get her name I would love to pray for her or is there anything that I can do. e said we have an extra minute to open up to dialogue. He said It’s scary to start a conversation with strangers but when we give in to that fear what we miss out on is connection. He said If we all practice we can become better together.

He asked the audience to commit themselves to make the world a warmer place by opening up to small talk. He said consider the world as your window and find the opportunity to connect to show kindness to be more heart and less attack. He asked whose life you will be able to impact? It all starts with a smile and hello.

Sam Bradford began his mentoring journey as a youth pastor, serving his community for 12 years. A change of heart occurred 3 years ago for Bradford, after listening to a podcast about Dutch Bros Coffee where the founder, Travis Boersma, spoke about the company’s culture of love. It was then that Bradford joined Dutch Bros, with the ambition and intent to help people grow. Seven months after being hired as a “bro”-ista, Brandford was appointed Director of People Development, where he created a circular to teach team members classes on goal setting, self-leadership, and personal finance. During his people Development career, Bradford has been able to extend his reach to high school students, top-level executives, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Bradford has a true passion for speaking, coaching and leading people to improve their lives as well as the lives of those around them.

According to me what I have liked the best from this talk is small talk involves developing courage to approach people you do not know well and some that are complete strangers. This definitely helps in developing interpersonal skills. when we try to share the feelings of another person we may certainly help and impact others and also connecting with people brings opportunities.

Thank you.

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